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Meet The Team


Owner/Founder, Occupational Therapist, and STOTT Pilates Instructor

karla Crouch, OTR/L, MOT

An educator at heart, I bring a rich background in teaching and performance to my passion as a Pilates Instructor. I began taking Pilates twenty years ago (between Ballet classes) and fell in love with the mind-body connections then noticed a vast improvement in my posture, alignment, strength, and flexibility!


I hold a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and am a Licensed and Registered Occupational Therapist. I plan to create more services offering health and wellness for those in need across the lifespan.  Woodway Wellness is a dream come true.


My Pilates sessions and classes allow my clientele to focus on their specific physical needs and goals. There is nothing that I love more than helping others succeed!
I provide my clients with an in-depth understanding of the movement associated with the human body whether they are looking for overall fitness and wellness or seeking relief from chronic pain. I focus on stability, mobility, flexibility, and balance all while getting a well-rounded workout.


I have been certified in STOTT Pilates for 10 years. I am also a Fascial Movement Instructor, a CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training Instructor, and a Total Barre Instructor. I am happy to incorporate these fitness routines into sessions if my clients are interested. 


I live in Edmonds with my wonderful husband and two young, active daughters. 

I am the owner of Bodyworks Pilates and Bodyworks Edmonds in downtown Edmonds. 


STOTT Pilates Instructor

grace morehouse

My name is Grace Morehouse and I am excited to become an instructor at Woodway Wellness! Working out and staying healthy has always been a priority in my life. My first experience with helping people was when I was a chiropractic assistant and learned a lot about posture and how the body works. I developed a passion and dedication to helping others with their fitness journey. Pilates is a holistic form of exercise that improves posture, strength, flexibility, and balance. My central goal is to ensure all clients reach their full potential by giving them the confidence, self-discipline, and skills necessary to improve their quality of life. This goes beyond helping people look the best they ever have, but this also covers their performance, mindset, motivation, and lifestyle. I look forward to establishing long-lasting relationships! I'm currently in the process of getting Certified in Reformer Pilates.

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STOTT Pilates Instructor

deb fialkow

I am a fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructor and certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner. I am also a recognized Merrithew HALO®, ZEN-GA®, CORE®, Fascial and Foundational Movement instructor.


I have been teaching since 2008, specializing in working with clients who are coming out of physical therapy or working to avoid surgery; clients working with ongoing conditions such as scoliosis, degenerative discs, arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis, frozen shoulder; and clients who are interested in improving their long term physical health and abilities, whether they are 18 or 81.


Mobility, balance, strength, awareness and fascial health are incorporated into every pilates session, tailored to each clients’ specific needs. I look forward to every session, assisting people with optimizing their physical lives.



Lisa C., LMT

I’m a certified and licensed Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience. Through manual therapy, I’ve helped countless clients overcome pain and physical restriction to find their path to healing and optimal wellness. I have a background in Medical Massage specializing in soft tissue injury and sports massage working with professional athletes. I offer a variety of Modalities and customize each session to suit the need of the individual. From relaxation to deep tissue my style is intuitive and deeply soothing to the nervous system which promotes a sense of connection and wellbeing, restoring function to the body as a whole.




My passion is to be of service, to hold space for you to dive deep within the depths of your soul, and to engage with your inner light and intuition. I have been in the holistic wellness field for over 25 years. I always felt drawn to the essence of one’s being, to the realm that is beyond what we see with our mind’s eye. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher and I love sharing this beautiful practice with those who wish to empower their lives. I’m currently training with Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching. I love to learn and share my wealth of experiences and knowledge with my clients. Each healing session meets you exactly where you’re at. Life is all about cycles and with that our energy ebbs and flows. Sometimes our energy can get stuck and we feel disconnected, and out of balance mentally and emotionally. We can manifest this in our physical bodies.  That can be fine-tuned with an energy-healing session. I offer Reiki energy healing combined with light healing from the highest vibration of frequencies. With the assistance of our higher selves and soul guides.  Your true nature will be ignited and liberated.

The session is created to meet you exactly where you’re at and to provide healing energy that is for your highest and best good. If there is subconscious programming or thoughts that are not serving you, and you’re having trouble taking the next steps towards letting them go or not knowing quite what your purpose is, having the feeling of being stuck; energy healing and life coaching can be extremely beneficial. I co-owned a holistic wellness center with my soul sister for over a decade. The cycle of change brought those doors to a close a few years ago.  I’m now planting new seeds at Woodway wellness and I’m grateful to be a part of this community.



Emily peterson, LMT

Emily wholeheartedly loves her calling for bodywork. A massage therapist for over 21 years, Emily also offers her professional, certified practices in reflexology, aromatherapy, meditation, and yoga.

Emily understands how no one body is the same. In catering to individual needs, her approach is customary and compassionate. She considers her studio a sanctuary of restoration where clients are invited to reunite with their center through breathwork. Emily loves to educate clients and if given the chance, will explain how reflexology, for example, can be a less invasive way to achieve the same results as massage.

Snohomish Metro magazine quotes Emily as having a deep knowledge of natural healing techniques, along with authentic care for her client’s well-being. “Emily’s warmth is genuine, as is her gift in holistic care.”

Emily lives a versatile life. When she’s not performing holistic bodywork, she replenishes her own spirit by spending time outdoors with her lovely family.

Visit Emily's website to see all her beautiful offerings:




I am so excited to be joining the Woodway Wellness Team! I started with Pilates five years ago and fell in love with it instantly. I quickly noticed a difference in my body and while becoming stronger, found relief from chronic back and knee pain. I love that Pilates is for all bodies and all stages of life. I am Stott Pilates trained and am passionate about continuing to learn all that I can about Pilates while using what I’ve learned to help others reach their goals.  I live in Woodway with my husband and two teen boys.

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 10.07.50 AM.png



Erin found her love of movement as a competitive dancer and transitioned that love as an adult into the group fitness realm. She began teaching dance fitness and over the years has added certifications in barre, Pilates, Les Mills™ Core and BodyPump, and other strength workouts. She loves the community that group fitness has brought into her life and is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for it with others. She lives in Edmonds with her husband and two kids. 

BARRE IS LOCATED AT BODYWORKS, our Proud Partner located just across the street at 514 5th Ave. S. Suite C. Edmonds WA 98020


Sundays: 10:00am- 10:55am- ALL LEVELS BARRE



STOTT Pilates Senior Instructor

trina blackstone

I am a fully certified STOTT PILATES® with a dancing, swimming, and Equestrian background. I'm a local girl with a degree from the University of Washington. I'm a shining example of what Pilates can do! 


After a disabling car accident, I tried many rehabilitative modalities and therapies, but it was not until I discovered STOTT Pilates that I truly started to make progress toward recovery. My personal experience with physical limitations, chronic pain, and the rehabilitative process give me a unique insight into the individual exercise needs and goals of each person.


My favorite part of teaching is sharing in the successes of my clients, from the casual beginner to the experienced athlete, as they discover the remarkable changes in the body that STOTT Pilates can bring about!


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITIONIST, Wellness Expert & STOTT Pilates Instructor, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

lisa crouch

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am excited to be teaching Pilates at Woodway Wellness!  I have a passion for learning how to keep my body out of chronic inflammation and pain.  Pilates has helped me navigate fibromyalgia through coordination of breathing, isolated movements, and mind-body connection.  I also enjoy helping others find optimal health and wellness.  I have a BS degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and I am Stott Pilates trained.  I look forward to helping you on your journey to wellness!


STOTT Pilates Instructor, E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher & Certified Breathwork Facilitator

kimberly shay

I have lived in Edmonds for eight years, and in the Pacific Northwest for twenty-two. I am a mother of two teenage boys, a twenty-four-year sales professional in tech, a tennis player, an avid gardener, a dog lover, and a multifaceted multi-disciplined experienced yoga, meditation, and breathwork teacher for twelve years. I came into Pilates as a student and knew this was my calling. A few years later I started my STOTT Pilates Reformer training at Bodycenter Studios. I've been teaching Pilates since December of 2021 and am a Certified Instructor. I enjoy guiding others to feel and understand their bodies in a new way, igniting subtle body-mind-breath awareness, and working towards their optimal alignment for better health and wellness so they can truly enjoy life at all ages.


For me, Pilates allows me to feel the potential strength and wisdom of my body.


I look forward to meeting you, understanding your goals, and helping you reach them. 




Annie senechal

Annie Senechal is a Breathwork & Reiki Practitioner, STOTT Pilates trained and 200 Hr Certified Yoga Teacher with additonal training in Prenatal Yoga and Meditation. She gravitates toward the natural world and despite being born with a green thumb, she’s more likely to be found in the ocean than on land. 


The first time Annie tried a breathwork class, she was on a yoga retreat trying to ignore symptoms of chronic pain. She didn’t know what to expect from the class, but afterward found her pain was gone. Hooked on the power of using breath to become her own healer, she took a David Eliott Breathwork course and became a certified instructor. She is also practiced in the Wim Hof method as well as Kundalini breathing techniques. For the last two years, Annie has shared the gift of breathwork, giving people the tools to calm their mind, ground themselves, and soothe their nervous systems. 


Annie’s wellness journey started as a lifelong creative with a professional background in design, photography and brand management. She traveled with the non-profit organization, Go Light Our World to developing communities where she helped lead community-driven events and implemented solar programs. In working with diverse people all over the globe, she deepened her reverence for humanity, and her commitment to the health and welfare of our planet. 


Last year, Annie’s interest in environmental sustainability led her to an off-grid community in Costa Rica as part of a Permaculture Design program. Because of her deep-rooted belief in the miraculous healing properties of plants, she is currently studying both Ayurveda and Herbalism. She believes the health of the planet and our personal wellness are intrinsically linked, and hopes to share what she knows with others for the betterment of the whole.  




Nancy has been involved in dance since age 3, studying ballet and jazz before discovering middle eastern belly dance at the age of 24. She trained with top Los Angeles teachers where she began her belly dance career. Wanting to excel at the dance she traveled to its of the place of origin, Egypt and Turkey to learn from the legends and learn the culture as well. Nancy received a teaching certificate at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Intensive Teachers Course in Cairo, Egypt. With her talent, she has traveled to Germany to perform with Persian artist Nema during a world soccer cup performance and graced the stage with the band Viza in concert venues such as The Roxy, The Derby, Knitting Factory, and Troubador. Belly Dancing at the LA Coliseum For the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Rose Bowl during a halftime show, and choreographing and performing in David Longoria’s PBS special, Baila, highlights in her career. Now Nancy celebrates her passion for this dance by teaching others its unique movements that embrace the feminine, gaining strength, confidence, and inner sensuality.

Belly Dancing is located at BODYWORKS, our Proud Partner located just across the street at 514 5th Ave. S. Suite C. Edmonds WA 98020


Please email for inquiries on Private events, bachelorette parties, etc. 




I started dancing when I was 4 years old and from the very beginning I loved it. When I was 13 years old I knew I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer. I trained at Westside Ballet Academy in Santa Monica California then moved to Seattle when I was 17 years old to train in the professional division at Pacific Northwest Ballet School. In 2000 I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional dancer and joined Pacific Northwest Ballet. I retired as a soloist in 2016 and will forever be grateful for the time I spent dancing. After I retired I was in search of movement that felt good for my body and incorporated the mind/body connection like dance does. I found that barre was just the workout I needed. I became certified through Booty Barre, by renowned Tracey Mallet, as well as Barreabove. I have found a new passion in instructing barre and motivating others to safely push their bodies and to get the most out of each barre class. 

BARRE IS LOCATED AT BODYWORKS, our Proud Partner located just across the street at 514 5th Ave. S. Suite C. Edmonds WA 98020


Mondays: 5:30-6:20pm - ALL LEVELS BARRE




hali Erickson

I am a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor with a passion for pain management, body positivity, and finding joy in movement. I majored in dance and education at the University of Washington, where I discovered my fascination with anatomy, fell in love with somatics, and cultivated my teaching philosophy. 


In my early twenties I started experiencing debilitating pain. I was not able to dance without severe pain, and eventually was unable to walk pain-free. The pain became chronic and I had to find new ways to care for my body. Pilates was the most efficient tool I found to manage my pain and increase my strength. It helped me rediscover my love of movement at a time in my life when many other kinds of fitness were inaccessible to me. Overtime Pilates has helped me gain the freedom of pain-free movement, ease in my everyday life and activities, and a love of helping others achieve the same. 


As a teacher, I am very detail oriented and provide individualized instruction to each client, even in group classes. I love helping my clients gain strength and mobility, learn to move optimally, increase their body awareness and positivity, and work toward whatever other goals they might have. I especially love hearing my clients delight in how they feel both mentally and physically after a session. 


Outside of Pilates I spend my time singing, songwriting, exploring the beautiful PNW with my friends and family, playing with my hilarious nieces, and snuggling my adorably large cats. 

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