Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Healing Session with Mary Ann Stancel at Woodway Wellness

Come and spend this special time for yourself. If you are feeling like it is hard to carve time for yourself to find stillness and peace, this is your time. You'll enjoy a soothing sound journey experience with a variety of sound healing instruments. A guided meditation will be provided. This is your time to let go, relax and rejuvenate. You'll feel refreshed and lighter at the end of this experience.


Thursday, December 8th - 7pm-8pm ($40)

Thursday, December 22nd - 7pm-8pm ($40)

Thursday, January 19th - 7pm-8pm ($40)

Ceremonial Cacao with Breathwork & Sound Healing Session with Mary Ann Stancel at Woodway Wellness

Friday, January 6th - 7pm-9pm ($50)


Take a journey with your breath to bring healing to yourself. You'll begin connecting with yourself with ceremonial cacao to open the sacred healing space.

This is an exploratory time for you as you embark within the quantum space where matter dissolves and so does time.

Active breathwork allows your body to physically release toxins and emotions and brings balance to your nervous system.
After the journey into your breath, sound healing will begin to help you to integrate and continue the journey deep within. The time ends with journaling and community shares.

This experience can be a deep one and is fully supported. Mary Ann is here holding space with healing energy and will also be there after to support you.

Please go to to read more about this type of breathwork and also to learn about which medical conditions would be affected by this breathwork.

What is Sound Healing? Click the link below to find out more about Sound Healing Sessions, Mary Ann and her services at The Ignited Soul.

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